Extra Credit Assignments

Dear Parent,

  1. The Mile High Karate after-school program not only provides a fun and exciting introduction to martial arts - it also provides a very effective behavior modification program. Please participate fully in your children's assignment and help them earn a minimum of 5 stripes during the program.
  2. Extra Credit Assignments :
    A. Memorize Student Creed :
  3. I develop myself physically and mentally based on the Mile High Karate spirit;
    I will only fight to protect my life and the lives of others;
    I achieve my fullest potential in developing Knowledge, Honesty, and Strength.

    B. Memorize Lesson of the Belt Definition: Positive Self Esteem;
    C. Attend an extra class at Mile High Karate (any of the times given below;)
    D. Turn in JOB LIST - Once per week (up to 3;)
    E. Memorize Black Belt Creed : 

    As a Dedicated Student of The Martial Arts, I will Live My Life by the Principles of Black Belt:

    Modesty Perseverance
    Courtesy Self Control
    Integrity Indomitable Spirit
  4. Students Who Graduate with Honors (5 or more earned stripes) will have earned a Karate Uniform and a Month of Karate Lessons at the "DOJO" - Mile High Karate (University and Jamison.) Compliments of Master Oliver.

  5. You are invited to supplementary classes at the Mile High
    Karate school.

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